Jaime Costanzo, MGCP, ELI-MP

Jaime is a certified Mental Game Coaching Professional and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner as a Life Coach. She studied with Sports Psychologist, Dr. Robert Cohn at Peak Performance Sports in Florida and as well as having 340 hours of training with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, Shrewsbury, NJ. Being an athlete herself, she directed her coaching niche to the mental game of sports. She is certified in assessing the mental performance of athletes and provides feedback magnifying their strengths and weaknesses to help process a balanced performer in both body and mind.

Jaime has worked with athletes, both male and female bringing their game to the next level; from Amateur to the Professional, high school player to collegiate levels, and youth sports to travel All-Star players.

Mental Coaching is Jaime’s passion and she is very successful not only with individuals, but with teams, coaches, parents, families and groups. These settings are to help with “team” cohesion on a team level as well as a family, parent and coach level. By helping the outsider understand the mindset of the athlete, they learn how to support the athlete by creating a vibrant atmosphere allowing everyone to be a part of the process.


To provide athletes the ability to perform at a higher level and advance their game by creating awareness and the capability to control their mental endurance through the means of building confidence, trust in ability to perform, overcome fear of failure and improve focus and concentration. These are only a few key elements that enhance the ability to play successful and compete at a higher level.