Gain an Edge with Sports Mental Coaching by Daniel J Howard

Unlock your true athletic potential by conquering your toughest adversary – yourself. While skill development and experience lay the groundwork for exceptional performance, reaching your peak requires mastering the mental game. Enter the realm of the sports mental game coach.

Also known as a performance consultant or mental toughness coach, I am a seasoned professional who helps athletes unleash the champion within them. Instead of focusing on the physical aspects of the game, I equip you with invaluable tools to triumph over the mental hurdles that may be hindering your journey to success.

Ready to elevate your game? It starts with mastering your mind, and a sports mental game coach is your guide to reaching new heights. Ready to take the first step?

Daniel J Howard - Sports Mental Game Coach
Daniel J Howard
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How Can a Mental Game Coach Help You?

If you struggle with any of the following, a sports mental game coach can help.

Anxiety before a match or game

Getting nervous is normal. But what do you do when it leads to poor performance?

Focus and concentration

Are you struggling to stay in the moment, maintain your process, or play one swing at a time?

Emotional control

Is your game hindered by your frustration, excitement, anger, or fear?

Lack of confidence

Do you belittle yourself? Does your lack of confidence talk you out of playing your best? Are you afraid of making mistakes?

Poor performance during competition

You have the skills and experience. But do you struggle to do as well in competition as you do in practice?

Attitude and perspective

Are you thinking correctly about yourself, your opponents, and your sport?

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Want to Learn More?

Do you have questions about sports mental game coaching? Are you wondering if it might help your game? Review our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact Daniel directly.

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